Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How Long Has It Been? Get Help to Calculate the Time


Have you ever wanted to know how much time has elapsed between two dates?  Do you know the formula?  I know it, but am always forgetting ... uh, where was I?  ;-)

Anyway, there is a site that can do that calculation for you.  It's primary use for the genealogist might be in proofing the ages of the deceased as cited on their tombstones, where no birth date is given, and when only a death date with age has been engraved into the stone.

TimeandDate.com is a site (developed by a few Norwegians, from what I gather) that I have found useful many a time and for many purposes, but the "tombstone proofer" that I am writing about today can be found at a page entitled

Date Calculator:  Add to or Subtract from a Date


If you want to figure out how long it has been since you first took up genealogy research or anything at all, you can plug in that date and today's date to find out how long you have been "at it."  That "calculator" can be found at

Calculate Duration Between Two Dates

I just used it to find out how long it has been since my organ transplant.  500 days!  Yippee!

So before too much more time just passes by, tick TimeandDate.com off of your list of useful sites to visit and bookmark.

Until later, take care


P.S.  There may be other sites out there that do the same thing, and maybe some at dedicated genealogy sites, but I usually end up going to TimeandDate, partly because they offer quite a few options, plus it is a d--n easy domain name (or URL) to remember.

Do you know of any other such sites?  Please let me know about them.  Thanks!

Kentucky History & Genealogy Network's List of Facebook Groups for Kentucky Genealogy & Local History Research


I have only been one of the Facebook "faithful" for less than a year now, but I have been finding that it can been a useful tool for like minded genealogists to get together in common cause to exchange notes, ideas, and stories about the places on which they focus their time and efforts.

The Kentucky History & Genealogy Network whose motto is "Discovering Our Kentucky  History and Genealogy and Connecting Families Every Day", has gathered together and posted a list of Facebook group links.  The list should be of special interest to those who have called Kentucky home or whose ancestors once lived there ... or maybe still do.

The can be accessed directly from their site or from a Google Docs link, which is


I always say go there, to Google Docs, and grab it, the list, while you can.  It probably should be the number one rule when researching on the internet.  One never knows, for whatever reason, when a resource may be withdrawn or when the link should no longer function.  "Here today, gone tomorrow" is one old saying that comes to mind.

I hope you find the list useful.  I already have.

So, click, read, learn, & enjoy!  Happy Facebooking!


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Welcome to "My Boone County"!


BooneCountyKy.US is an easy-to-remember web address that will get you to these pages at a site which is devoted to aid in the genealogical and historical research of Boone County, Kentucky and its people.

Genealogy and local history research have been interests of mine for the past seventeen years. When I began researching my own family's past in Boone County in 1992, I didn't know a whole lot about genealogy or how to research one. Over time and during many research trips to Kentucky I collected a good bit of information for my own personal research library. I have discovered that about half of my ancestors liked the area well enough to spend about two hundred years around that little spot on the globe that is Northern Kentucky, and even though the state has many charms, it took them thousands of years to get there! ;-)

A Hoosier and Vice-President of recent vintage once said "a mind is a terrible thing to lose" [I first wrote this a while back when it referred to Dan Quayle, now there is a Hoosier V.P. named Pence].  I do not know if he was speaking from personal experience, but I figure a little knowledge picked up along the way can only be of some help to you before you begin to lose your mind in trying to fill in all those blanks in your family tree. And so I have compiled these pages to assist you in your research.  As I sometimes say, "Ancestors were never lost, they are just waiting to be found!" So let this site be your guide and your resource and these pages will help you to fill out all those blanks in your own Boone County pedigree.

A few items have already been posted to BooneCountyKy.US, but the site still has room to grow, and I hope to continue adding to it in the next few months and years. Some of the information, references, or materials may not be new to the web and may be located elsewhere, however, there are and will be quite a few unique items to be found here and nowhere else.


Despite rumors to the contrary and being a cousin unto myself, I only have one pair of hands and while still working on my "family forest" in Boone County, but I can always add a little more to improve these pages.

If you have any materials or suggestions to improve the site, please let me know. Do you have anything you would like to share?

I have found the work on this project to be a lot of fun and a learning experience, which is what genealogy and the study of local history should be about. I do hope you find something useful at BooneCountyKy.US.

Mark Twain is reported to have said that "when the end of the world comes I want to be in Kentucky, because there it will come 20 years later." When he said that he may very well have well thinking of this site, for here the past is always present, and the future, well, that's another day!

So, please, just click, read, learn, and enjoy!

Philip Naff
Indianapolis, Indiana

Website creator and editor of HarrisonCountyKy.US
Staff writer for the Harrison Heritage News
Recipient of the 2007 Kentucky Genealogical Society's Outstanding Service to Genealogy Award
Member, Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels (Since 2007)

The Daniel Boone Bicentennial
Commemorative Half Dollar
(Obverse; 1934-38)