Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How Long Has It Been? Get Help to Calculate the Time


Have you ever wanted to know how much time has elapsed between two dates?  Do you know the formula?  I know it, but am always forgetting ... uh, where was I?  ;-)

Anyway, there is a site that can do that calculation for you.  It's primary use for the genealogist might be in proofing the ages of the deceased as cited on their tombstones, where no birth date is given, and when only a death date with age has been engraved into the stone.

TimeandDate.com is a site (developed by a few Norwegians, from what I gather) that I have found useful many a time and for many purposes, but the "tombstone proofer" that I am writing about today can be found at a page entitled

Date Calculator:  Add to or Subtract from a Date


If you want to figure out how long it has been since you first took up genealogy research or anything at all, you can plug in that date and today's date to find out how long you have been "at it."  That "calculator" can be found at

Calculate Duration Between Two Dates

I just used it to find out how long it has been since my organ transplant.  500 days!  Yippee!

So before too much more time just passes by, tick TimeandDate.com off of your list of useful sites to visit and bookmark.

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P.S.  There may be other sites out there that do the same thing, and maybe some at dedicated genealogy sites, but I usually end up going to TimeandDate, partly because they offer quite a few options, plus it is a d--n easy domain name (or URL) to remember.

Do you know of any other such sites?  Please let me know about them.  Thanks!

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