Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kentucky History & Genealogy Network's List of Facebook Groups for Kentucky Genealogy & Local History Research


I have only been one of the Facebook "faithful" for less than a year now, but I have been finding that it can been a useful tool for like minded genealogists to get together in common cause to exchange notes, ideas, and stories about the places on which they focus their time and efforts.

The Kentucky History & Genealogy Network whose motto is "Discovering Our Kentucky  History and Genealogy and Connecting Families Every Day", has gathered together and posted a list of Facebook group links.  The list should be of special interest to those who have called Kentucky home or whose ancestors once lived there ... or maybe still do.

The can be accessed directly from their site or from a Google Docs link, which is


I always say go there, to Google Docs, and grab it, the list, while you can.  It probably should be the number one rule when researching on the internet.  One never knows, for whatever reason, when a resource may be withdrawn or when the link should no longer function.  "Here today, gone tomorrow" is one old saying that comes to mind.

I hope you find the list useful.  I already have.

So, click, read, learn, & enjoy!  Happy Facebooking!


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